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Pioneering group Transglobal Underground have been creating a fusion of Eastern dance music with what was later called world music, since the start of the 90s, without technological barriers or prejudice. When Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground, a catharsis arises. New ideas travel from Tirana to London and from London to Tirana. De 11 a Talleres de huerto ecológico. Talleres de 30 minutosparaadultosyniños,dondeintroducirnos en el apasionante mundo del huerto urbano. Ecological vegetable garden workshops.

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Game for the youngest children to learn about greens and vegetables. Opening hours: Activities from 11 am to 2. This space is coordinated by the Government Department of Environment and Mobility.

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He will be accompanied by five fabulous musicians from the 4F Band. Funny parody of a Flamenco show by a troupe of puppeteers from Cadiz, which will test the patience and imagination of the whole family clan. La Boucherie Renard Cía. Parody of the circus where a butcher and its apprentices help to draw out the carnivorous instincts of the audience.

Las marionetas bailarinas Cía. Los titiriteros tomando las calles y plazas de la ciudadyapelandoalpoderdelamagiaylafantasía. The puppeteerswill take to thestreetsandsquaresof the city,appealing to the power of magic and fantasy. El Bandido Cucaracha Cía. Live music and puppets. The Horsemen Cía. Three horsemen from Gaul provide the audience with a dressage class, in advance of the upcoming Olympic Games.

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Pura esencia saltimbanqui. A symbiosis of the vitality of music,the spontaneity of street theatre and the poetry of the theatre of objects. Pure acrobatic essence. Tumba-Lumba Cía.

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Genuine happiness and optimism at the hands of a prestigious Bulgarian puppet theatre company. Aquí te espero Cía. Juegos y bailes para descubrir el sabor de la fiesta compartida. Inspired by popular traditions, words, movement and music come together in their shows.

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Games and dances for revealing the flavour of shared festivities. El cubo libre Three fans of street music -an actor, a clown and a theatre musician- joined forces and founded La Banda de La María. Popular busking group in Spain and their performances, which always include theatrical elements, are known for their quality and humour..

El Funk, el Gospel, y el Jazz moderno inundan sus energéticas interpretaciones, en las que tiene suma importancia la improvisación colectiva.

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Ya no hace falta haber nacido en Jamaica para tocar reggae ni ser de Detroit para convertirse en una estrella del soul. Broken Brothers take their inspiration from the sounds of contemporary New Orleans brass bands, and collective improvisation plays a big part in their energy- fuelled music which blends funk, gospel and modern jazz.

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Visibilidad Otras personas pueden ver mi tablero de recortes. Martín Domingo San Isidro , unas fiestas para todos en Madrid. Cara a Cara. Hasta que no se solicite su supresión por parte del interesado. Each day of the festival will feature a live pottery demonstration by a number of leading potters, using a foot powered pottery wheel.

You no longer have to be born in Jamaica to play reggae or to be from Detroit to become star of soul. Canciones populares de los Balcanes, del centro, del sur,delnorteydeloestedeEuropa. Ritmos apasionados cargados de energía, diversión, sentido del humor y buenas vibraciones. Authentic, spontaneous and accessible music with passionate rhythms filled with energy, fun, humour and good vibes.

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Get ready to sing. Por las calles y plazas de Madrid Through the streets and squares of Madrid Foto: Mad Brass is a unique idea that involves Madrid and its San Isidro festivities in an event full of noisy happiness that only street bands are capable of transmitting. Posteriormente pasaron a integrarse en celebraciones religiosas romerías, rogativas, etc. Pendones de León From Opera to Plaza Mayor, 17 May, 12 pm The Pendones de León have their historical roots in medieval standards that grouped together the people of a place and town councils in the struggle of the Christian Reconquist and forming and defending the old kingdom of León.

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Calendario Laboral de Madrid Anticipate a los días festivos de tu provincia y planifica tus vacaciones. El calendario laboral incorpora estas fiestas nacionales no Madrid, por ejemplo, gozará en su agenda de un largo puente en mayo con.

They subsequently became part of religious celebrations pilgrimages, rogations, etc. Asociación Castiza de Alcobendas y S. LlegadaalosJardinesdelasVistillas donde todoslosgruposrepresentansuscancionesy bailes,castizos,madrileños y goyescos. Traditional Association of Alcobendas y S. Arrives at Las Vistillas Gardens, where all thegroupswillput on theirdancesandsongs-which are Goyesque and typical ones from Madrid. Pendones de León Martín Domingo Pirotecnia Vulcano Revólver A sermon will be given by Rvd. Presidida por el Emmo. Each day after worship the chapel, where the incorrupt body of San Isidro and the relics of his wife, Santa María de la Cabeza, are venerated, will be opened to the public.

On 15 May two Eucharists will be held, at 10 am and noon, with the chapel open to the public 9. Tuesday-Sunday, 9. Otras realidades. Other realitites. Contaremos con una carpa que recoge una exposición sobre el barro y su proceso de transformación y una muestra de diferentes tipos de arcillas procedentes de distintos puntos de nuestra geografía. Ceramics and craft shops from all over Madrid will be exhibiting at the fair, as well as twenty or so especially invited master potters.

Each day of the festival will feature a live pottery demonstration by a number of leading potters, using a foot powered pottery wheel. There will be a tent housing an exhibition on clay and the transformation that it undergoes, with a display of different kinds of clay from various spots in the country. On Saturday 17th there will be a talk for all the family on the clay transformation process,with theparticipationofpottersattending the fair.

More than fifty different pottery houses will be represented at the fair. Cara a Cara. Sangre gorda. Ganas de reñir. Domingos y festivos cerrado From 5 to 30 May, Monday to Saturday from 9. Aforo limitado Invitations will be distributed from an hour before the beginning of the shows. To celebrate 80 years since construction began on La Zarzuela Racecourse, horses will be taking over Paseo de la Castellana and making it their own, just as it was in the times of the old Racecourse. Sponsors area, featuring event-related content. Baile del Rondón. Amenización musical con los dulzaineros El Borbollón.

The locals fill the streets decked out in traditional Castilian and Goyesque attire, welcoming all-comers to celebrate the arrival of spring and the renewal of life. Rondón Dance. Presentation of souvenirs and commemorative ceramics. Musical support from the Madrid Bass Voice Choir. Spectators in Plaza de Oriente will enjoy virtual animations generated using the architecture of the theatre building itself, accompanied by a performance of music and lights to create an imaginary world of opera in a unique historical setting.

Pascual Osa Director de Escena: Pascual Osa Stage Director: Centro Cultural de la Villa Plaza de Colón, 4. From Romanesque to Enlightenment. Un avión lleno de niños se estrella en una isla inhabitada. Se encuentran sin hogar,sin escuela,sin adultos ni reglas. Sesión A de A plane full of children crashes on an uninhabited island. They are the only survivors of the accident. The children are alone, with no home, no school, no adults and no rules.

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The adventure will push the children to their limits and reveal deep truths about their nature. Plaza Matadero Precio: Diversión asegurada. Son 12 fiestas para toda la comunidad y dos fiestas locales que a celebrar en cada municipio. Cambio de hora horario de Verano. Adelanto del reloj: Se atrasa el reloj 26 de octubre de A mediados de octubre el BOE y el boletín de la Comunidad de Madrid no publican la lisa de días festivos correspondientes al año Madrid prevé pasar los festivos para que caigan en lunes.

El calendario laboral incluye 2 días festivos que fija la comunidad y 2 que fijan los ayuntamientos, a no ser que cambien la legislación estatal, sólo podrían moverse esos festivos. Claro que en Portugal ya han quitado 2 días señalados Corpus y Todos los Santos [ www ]. Estas son las fiestas establecidas en la Comunidad de Madrid para el y publicadas en el Boletín BOCM el día 9 de septiembre de